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Does my organisation qualify for registration on

Before submitting a request for publication on the site, please check that your organisation meets all the following admission conditions:

  • The organisation’s principal aim must be to help those in need by undertaking philanthropic activities or to stimulate initiatives for a transition toward a more socially and ecologically responsible way of life, in Belgium or abroad.
  • The organisation must be established in Belgium as a non-profit or foundation by Belgian law and have a Business Number.
  • The organisation must explicitly solicit private donations on its website (through a fundraising page) and in its introductory brochures (through an explicit statement).

If it meets all these conditions, you can go ahead and submit a request for publication to Donorinfo.

How do I submit a request for publication?

Please submit a complete application, which must include the following documents:

  • A duly completed publication request form.
  • Detailed annual accounts (internal balance sheet) for the past year, approved by the Assemblée Générale.
  • A copy of the audit report for the annual accounts issued by an independent certified body (company auditor, IEC-approved chartered accountant or IPCF-approved accountant)*.
  • The organisation’s logo (in *.png format).
  • Recent photographs of the organisation’s field activities (in *.png format).

If your application is complete, the Donorinfo team will consider it and inform you of their decision in writing as soon as possible.

My application has been successful. What are the next steps?

As soon as the Donorinfo team has accepted your application, they will publish three information sheets using a harmonised template (project information, general information and financial information). 
These information sheets will be sent to you for approval before publication. You must then:

  • Indicate your agreement on the information sheets created by Donorinfo.
  • Include the Donorinfo logo and a link to on your website’s fundraising page, your brochures and your fundraising correspondence.
  • Regularly provide Donorinfo with up-to-date information.

What kind of information must my organisation regularly provide to Donorinfo?

Before 15 September every year, your organisation must provide Donorifo with:

  • Annual accounts (internal balance sheet) for the past year.
  • The audit report for these accounts.
  • Information about current activities and essential needs for the coming year.

Meeting deadlines guarantees the accurate publication of your information on our website.


We would like to extend a warm welcome to your organisation!

As soon as Donorinfo’s conditions for publication have been met, your organisation’s information will be published in three languages (Fr, NL, EN) on There is no publication fee of any sort. Visitors to our website can also access your information entirely free of charge.

What if my organisation does not have an audit report issued by an external independent certified body?