Small projects for the poorest residents of Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia

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Create opportunities for the poorest population of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), by stimulating and supporting them so they can, with dignity and independence, get out of poverty. The various projects are supervised from Belgium with a site visit every two months.

What does Siddartha Development Ethiopia do?

  • Ediget Dana: a part-time training centre for 130 single mothers in the art of leather work, weaving, sewing, embroidery. After a training period of two years, these mothers can work as independents, work in a cooperative or for an employer. During training, they receive an allowance until they receive their first salary. Budget guidance is also provided.
  • Project for homeless, "Glorious": 30 homeless men and 16 homeless mothers are hosted for 1 full year. To ensure their social reintegration, they learn to weave or make jewelery. Daycare is provided for children.
  • Andinet: 70 abandoned children receive one year circus training, scout training, or education (learning a discipline). From the second year, they can pass aptitude tests and technical training (woodworking and iron). Through a system of apprenticeship, they can work in businesses. For some, a process of reintegration into a family environment is initiated.
  • Addis Hiwot: vocational training for 70 prostitutes in weaving and embroidery. The material and information are made available to them so they are able to create and sell their products. Psychological counseling, family planning and health care are also made available to them. Awareness and self-respect counseling is provided.
  • Little Heaven: helps 44 children with AIDS. A team of nurses, educators, a cook govern these children 7/7 so that they receive all the medical, emotional and psychological treatment they need during their short lives. Some of them are very traumatized (rejection of the community, parents died of the disease ...) Little Heaven is the most expensive project of the Siddartha association.
  • Childcare: the association provides care for children whose mothers undergo training: creating a youth movement, 12 football teams, dance and theater groups with 300 members. Computer classes are also offered.


How can you help?

Financial support

Donors wishing to support a specific project may include the name of the project in their donation.


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