Expertise centre for sexual health education

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Sensoa promotes sexual health in Flanders by the prevention of high risk behaviour, family planning campaigns, the social integration of HIV sufferers and the putting in place of sex education schemes.

What does Sensoa do?

  • Information, education, heightening awareness: Websites such as, an information site on child sex eduation., a site on sexuality and relationships for young people. At secondary school level Permanent exhibitions, training opportunities for professionals, publication of brochures for young people.

  • Prevention of STD in the gay community: Through the website, poster campaigns, brochures,field work, cooperation with those working in the gay environment.

  • Prevention campaign in migrant camps; educational packs for professionals working in this environment, publication of a multi-lingual brochure 'Your Sexual Health'

  • Facilitating the social integration of HIV sufferers:

    • through the site Information, advice, support for sufferers and their family and friends.

    • a help service for HIV sufferers and those close to them.

    • e-news, free information leaflets, information sessions lead by professionals, thematic weekends

    • individual accompaniment by asbl sensoa volunteers

    • countering stigmatisation and discrimination against HIV sufferers in order to facilitate access to regular treatment.

    • training of health professionals

  • Promotion of sexual health and sexual rights on an international scale by supporting parliamentary work on millennium development goals. Awareness raising during World Aids Day and la Nuit des mères, information sheets and bulletins.

How can you help?

Financial support

support for AIDS sufferers – 25,000€

Volunteers in Belgium

  • personal assistance for HIV sufferers
  • logistical support (during campaigns and events)
  • entertainment, information, awareness raising
  • on site testing of promotion material.
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