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Rikolto is an international NGO with more than 40 years of experience in partnering with farmer organisations and food chain actors across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. We enable and support smallholder farmers to take up their role in rural poverty alleviation and to contribute to feeding a growing world population in a sustainable way. Rikolto runs programmes in 14 countries worldwide.


In 1958, Dominique Pire, the founder of the Islands of Peace, received the Nobel Peace Prize for helping World War II refugees and victims. In 1962, based on the idea that development is impossible without peace, Dominique Pire established the first Island of Peace in Gohira, Bangladesh. In 1980, Vredeseilanden became an organisation independent from the Islands of Peace and, in 2001, it merged with Coopibo and FADO under the name of Vredeseilanden. Since the merger, the organisation was called Vredeseilanden in Belgium. Programmes outside Belgium were run through 7 VredesEilanden Country Offices (VECO). That’s why, outside Belgium, the organisation was mainly known as VECO. In 2016-2017 the organisation became an international network organisationRebranding into Rikolto was the following step (meaning 'harvest' in Esperanto language).

Projects and Activities in Latin and Central America, Africa and Asia

To reach its objectives, Rikolto works in 14 countries with 83 partner organisations (mainly farming organisations) in Latin America (Ecuador, Peru, Nicaragua and Honduras), Africa (Benin, Burkina Faso, Dem Republic of Congo, Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda) and Asia (Indonesia and Vietnam). 

  • Indonesia (Java): Rice farmers are improving their conditions thanks to sustainable development of the agricultural chain, from the production of rice to its consumption.
  • Senegal: an organisation of banana producers is going to work together with a Dutch company on a project for organic banana plantation and exportation.
  • Peru : the NGO supports young people working in the coffee sector.

Projects and Activities in Belgium

Every January, Rikolto organises its own campaign, during which it calls on more than 10,000 volunteers. During the course of the year, Rikolto organises, supports or participates in a certain number of campaigns, actions or events. 

Concrete Needs

Financial Support:

Peru: support young people to earn a living in the cocoa sector 

Honduras: Rikolto supports vegetable farmers to sell to modern markets.

Benin: sustainable rice production and marketing

Volunteers in Belgium

  • Logistic support for annual campaigns
  • Encouraging their community to become a Fair Trade community
  • Translations
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