Organization for the benefit of children with burn wounds

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Vzw Pinocchio, connected to the Military Hospital of Neder-over-Heembeek, helps young burn victims. It cooperates in Belgium with several centres and organizations who are involved with victims of burn injuries.
By organising thermal revalidation camps, trips, Christmas parties, ..., Pinocchio aims to relieve the pain of these children and to give them a good time. The organization also invests in the accomodation of the hospital so that the stay is more pleasant.


Its main activities are sensibilisation and offering practical and financial support to victims and their families.

  • Awareness Raising: vzw Pinocchio asks special attention for burn wounds. They give theoretical information about burns and about first aid treatment for burns. The organization sets up information stands at several events; distributes folders and newspapers; and worked out an adapted slideshow to visit primary schools all over the country. These sensibilisation and prevention lessons are given by people who are professionally involved with the care for burn victims. For the little ones, the organization published a small reading book ('De avonturen van Kaatje en Pinocchio. Eerst water, de rest komt later' or 'Les aventures de Julie et Pinocchio. Vingt minutes sous l'eau pour sauver ta peau'). This book informs and creates awareness for child and parents.


  • Practical and financial support: burn wounds ask for intensive care and treatment and this treatment is very painful. The period the patients must stay in hospital is also very long and the revalidation is very harsh because of the many consultations, intensive fysiotherapy, the need to wear pressure clothing, ... Since the treatment and revalidation are very expensive, Pinocchio tries to help out parents of little burn victims financially when needed.

Under the High Protection of H.R.H. Princess Astrid (She is honorary president of the organization).

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