Action for women’s rights and against violence towards women around the world

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Mothers for Peace was founded in 1992 by Jennie Vanlerberghe who, during a mission in an area that was once Yugoslavia, was struck by the human suffering she witnessed there.  The asbl decided to support different projects in Belgium and around the world (South Africa, Somalia, Israel, Palestine) and, since 2002, is most active in Afghanistan. The main aim of Mothers for Peace is to ensure the respect and improve the rights of women and children as well as combatting the violence subjected to women and children around the world. In Afghanistan, the organisation is part of the international NGO Mothers for Peace, consisting of the Belgian (Moeders voor Vrede), Afghan (Mothers for Peace) and French (Mères pour la Paix) divisions.  


This organisation communicates in Dutch. Please consult the information in Dutch to learn more.

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