Support deprived population of the Tibetan Plateau suffering from malnutrition and sanitary troubles.

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Social mission

Setting up of sustainable solutions in order to prevent Kashin-Beck disease and protect next generations, improving the nutritional status and organise grassroots training on health and hygiene to meet at larger scale Tibetan population needs.

What does the Kashin-Beck Disease Fund do?

The project started in 2002 in Tibet Autonomous Region (P.R. China), first with Doctors without Borders (1992–2002). For 25 years, the team has been focusing its work on Kashin-Beck disease. This ‘Big Bone Disease’ cause stunting, chronic pain and joint deformities from the age of 4–5 years. No treatment exists, but the preventive measures we set up, in addition to a general development of the region, were successful: the number of new cases dropped from 33% to less than 3% in the villages of the project! Among these measures: the construction of 1,700 greenhouses to encourage a more diversified diet and to avoid nutrient deficiency; the set-up of measures against fungal contamination of barley grains, staple food of the 4,700 families included in the project; as well as a monthly check-up of child growth.

 Since June 2017, they have relocated their activities in other regions where the disease was described before: Qinghai and Sichuan provinces, located on the Tibetan Plateau. There, two programs are currently implemented:

  • Food diversification: fresh and diversified vegetables certainly influence the nutritional status of Tibetan children and improve health on a longer term. To achieve this, KBD Fund, together with its local partners, builds greenhouses to grow fresh vegetables all year long and then to improve children diet.

  • Health and hygiene promotion: training sessions and distribution of basic hygiene articles are organised in order to reinforce the insufficient knowledge of the population regarding health and hygiene. Topics linked with nutrition, insisting on the necessity of a diversified diet for children, are also broached.


How can you help?

Financial support for:

  • Greenhouse construction: €500/greenhouse – 60 greenhouses/year = €30,000
  • Seeds banks (greenhouses): €650/greenhouse – 10 greenhouses/year = €6,500
  • Hygiene and health promotion: €2600/session/200 participants (€13/person) – 10 sessions/year = €26,000

 Volunteers in Belgium for:

  • Support for events

  • Fundraising

  • Translations: French Dutch, English Chinese

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