Biomedical research institute founded by Nobel laureate Christian de Duve, where more than 250 researchers and technicians from about 40 countries work together to better understand diseases in order to better cure them.

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The Institute aims to contribute to the advancement of basic biomedical knowledge and to ensure that it can be applied to the benefit of patients. In a few words: "Deeper knowledge for better cures".


What does the de Duve Institute do?

Current research at the Institute provides a better understanding of the biological mechanisms of different diseases and thus improves diagnosis and treatment. These include the following pathologies:

    • Cancers, leukemias and lymphomas, and their treatment with immunotherapy;

    • Acquired (diabetes) and hereditary (rare diseases) metabolic diseases;

    • Diseases related to immunity disorders (asthma, multiple sclerosis, systemic scleroderma, Crohn's disease, psoriasis);

    • Viral and bacterial infections, with a major research focus on the development of new antibiotics and new ways to fight bacteria;

    • Developmental disorders of vascular (angioma, lymphedema) and skeletal (cleft lip) systems.


    Some concrete results recently obtained:

    • The discovery of the mode of action of an antibody has led to the development of a biomedicine able to neutralize a molecule that blocks immune responses against cancer (more details  in the press).

    • The discovery of a genetic mutation responsible for primary lymphedema opens a novel pathway for developing treatments (more details in the press). A similar discovery has already led to the identification of a treatment that significantly reduces pain in venous malformations  (more details in the press).

    • The discovery of the mode of action of an enzyme has led to the identification of a revolutionary treatment against neutropenia, a haematological disorder causing a high risk of infections (more details here).

    Promising trails are also being explored in the fight against antibiotic resistance, as well as in cancer immunotherapy through the development of the spin-off iTeos Therapeutics.


    Discoveries are published in international scientific journals. For a non-specialist audience, they are also communicated on the website, on the Facebook page and in the quarterly newsletter of the Institute.


    Discover in images the research carried out at the Institute and the benefits for patients


    How can you help?

    The de Duve Institute needs your financial support  for: 

    • The fellowships awarded to promising young researchers from Belgium and abroad (annual cost: 46 000 €/researcher). If a donor wishes to fund a full fellowship, it may bear his/her name;

    • The acquisition of expensive scientific equipment;

    • The operating costs of the labs (80 €/researcher/day).


    Their donation form allows you to choose the domain you wish to support.


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