Provides refurbished computers to social projects in developing countries.

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Close the Gap is an international non-profit organisation aiming to reduce the digital divide by distributing high-quality IT equipment to schools, universities, hospitals and social projects in developing countries. A partner organisation, WorldLoop, collects previously used computers and distributes them via a recycling network to developing countries.

What does Close the Gap do?

Access to Information Technology (IT) plays a vital role in improving education and economic prospects for populations. A large proportion of the global population does not have access to IT due to a lack of IT knowledge, lack of infrastructure and the cost of new IT equipment.

  • Reducing the digital divide -Close the Gap works with a network of local partners who refurbish and maintain high-quality IT equipment. When the computers are ready to use they are transported by sea or air to the country where they are needed. A training programme is then set up to ensure that the equipment is used in a sustainable and appropriate manner.
  • Global partnerships -Close the Gap has developed partnerships with organisations to ensure that the software and hardware meets the needs of the local end-users.
  • Green initiatives -In 2014 Close the Gap launched WorldLoop - a non-profit organisation which specialises in the local and sustainable recycling of electronic waste. Components which are not recycled locally are sent back to Europe.
  • DIGITRUCK -In 2014 Close the Gap built a mobile classroom from a shipping container, powered using solar energy, in order to reach people who live in areas without electricity.

Close the Gap is recognised by the United Nations and has representation in New York. The organisation is active in 54 countries.

How can you help Close the Gap?

Financial support for:

  • Supporting projects in developing countries. Donors can choose a project they would like to support.
  • Building DIGITRUCKS from different materials to meet the needs of a growing number of users.  This project is in particular need of sponsors. 
  • The E-Resource Certificate launched by WorldLoop to support recycling centres in developing countries.

Material and voluntary needs

  • Businesses (SMEs or large businesses) who are disposing of their IT equipment (computers and other hardware).
  • People who have skills in the field and are able to volunteer.


Translated by Zoë Adelman via Translations for Progress

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