Sustainable responses for victims of conflict, natural disasters, poverty and migration

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Caritas International Belgium is the Belgian link in a worldwide network of 165 Christian organisations who work together across 200 countries and regions in the fields of emergency aid, development and the promotion of peace. Caritas International Belgium brings material and non-material aid to victims of war-related violence, natural disasters, poverty and migration. Caritas always chooses to help the poorest people. It develops its own projects as well as supporting those carried out collectively with the Caritas network. In Belgium, it assists asylum seekers and migrants.

What does Caritas International Belgium do?

  • Emergency aid and regeneration : Rapid intervention in crisis situations is important, but it is not enough. Caritas International Belgium does more than what is traditionally required from immediate emergency assistance, normally medical care, water, food and tents. Caritas carries out regeneration work in order to allow people to take their futures into their own hands and reduce their dependency on humanitarian aid. Caritas gives special attention to the re-establishment and reinforcement of a community's social fabric: children can return to school, people can resume their economic activities and they are prepared for potential new disasters. Farming can begin again.

  • Development co-operation: Emergency aid, regeneration and development co-operation go hand in hand. It is necessary to fight against famine as well as its causes. Caritas International Belgium supports small-scale micro-projects and develops structural programmes based on food security, which last for several years and consist of several one-off projects: the improvement of agriculture, training, micro-credits, equality between men and women and constitutional provisions amongst other things.

  • Welcome and housing of asylum seekers in Belgium: Caritas offers safe and affordable housing to asylum seekers and believes that it is important for the autonomy of these people and their families to be guaranteed and defended. It is why they support a small-scale asylum process, placing people in individual housing rather than communal holding centres.

  • Social accompaniment: Caritas International Belgium are making a conscious effort to find viable solutions to psychological, juridical, familial, medical, material and administrative problems for non-European foreigners. The organisation particularly supports a social service in Brussels and several other partner organisations in Belgium in order to fulfil this mission.

  • Prevention and Food Aid: In the countries affected by Ebola, Caritas focuses on prevention and food aid. In the DRepublic of Congo, 2500 families in forty received food and hygiene kits. While in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, awareness campaigns were implemented.

Caritas International Belgium is a member of Caritas-Vlaanderen and the French and German speaking Caritas organisations in Belgium.

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