An independent volunteer organization promoting a sustainable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Palestina Solidariteit is an independent volunteer movement that fights for the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people on the basis of the implementation of UN resolution, International law, respect for human rights and democracy, and for a just and lasting solution to the Israeli-palestinian conflict.


In Palestine

  • Rehabilitation centre in Nablus (West Bank): Palestina Solidariteit  supports an initiative in the Askar refugee camp. The Nablus Association for Social & Community Development (NASCD) together with the Local Committee for Rehabilitation provides care for children with brain injuries. Palestina Solidariteit wants to help in this effort. The NASCD is located in the city of Nablus. The rehabilitation centre supports and helps people with disabilities through:

    • Offering medical and psychological  assistance
    • The provision of intensive rehabilitation services for people with brain injuries, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychological assistance
    • Providing information to those in the surroundings, by offering help by means of standby equipment and by making the necessary changes to the place of residence of the disabled person.
  • Collaboration with the PWWSD:

    • Sponsorship of Palestinian students: often in families affected by poverty the daughters are kept home. Due to the occupation and the resulting revolts, there are many single women, widows and women whose husbands are in prison. They can barely keep their heads above water. Palestina Solidariteit, in collaboration with PWWSD (Palestinian Working Women Society for Development), have established a sponsorship program in Belgium. The PWWSD carefully selects students (mostly girls but also boys) for this program based on a number of criteria: score on their entrance exam to university or college, families with a female head due to death or imprisonment of the husband, divorce, large families, or families affected by unemployment, especially those in remote villages and refugee camps.
    • Emergency aid: living under occupation is difficult. There is need for flour, oil, vegetables, milk, etc. In collaboration with PWWSD, Palestina Solidariteit supports a number of families. In the Gaza Strip, because of the regular bombing by Israel, more and more families find themselves in need. In 2014, the emergency relief provided by Palestina Solidariteit went mainly to the Gaza Strip.
  • Palestinian Circus School: the psychological impact of military occupation on Palestinian youth is alarming: feelings of loss, humiliation, frustration and anger that in many cases lead to aggressive or passive behaviour and hopelessness. The Palestinian Circus School encourages young people between the ages of 10 and 25 to develop their physical, social-emotional, artistic and cognitive abilities. The boys and girls come together weekly for circus class. The advanced students put on show throughout the occupied territories. A scholarship for one youth totals €125.

  • Defence for Children International Palestine section (DCI-P): DCI-P is a recognized Palestinian NGO operating in the occupied Palestinian territories (Gaza Strip, West Bank and East Jerusalem), that strives for a Palestinian community that can offer safety to its children. More than 700 Palestinian children are abducted every year, imprisoned and convicted by Israel. At any given moment there are more than 150 Palestinian minors held in Israeli prisons. 13% of these children are between the ages of 12 and 15. The rights of Palestinian minors are severely violated by Israel from the time they are arrested until their release. There is a pattern of systematic abuse. This is described by the UN Convention against Torture as cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment.

    Palestina Solidariteit supports DCI-P in their “Know Your Rights” campaign, which provides training to children in areas where there is a high rate of child imprisonment.  

In Flanders

Awareness raising and educational activities for a wide audience: putting pressure on policy makers, pursuing more balanced media coverage, mobilizing progressive forces in Belgium, organizing and participating in conferences, information days, conferences and seminars for teachers, providing background information on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, documentation centre for the general public, lobbying and campaigns, stalls at world markets and festivals, creating educational and didactic materials.

Essential Needs

Financial Support

  • Sponsorship of Palestinian students: Palestina Solidariteit gives each student roughly €450 per academic year for books and transport costs to university. Sponsorship starts at €15/month.
  • Emergency relief in the Gaza Strip: due to Israeli bombing and the war in 2014, a growing percentage of families in the Gaza Strip find themselves in dire need. Through the PWWSD, Palestina Solidariteit can provide emergency aid to a number of families in the Gaza Strip.
  • Palestinian Circus School: Palestina Solidariteit provides as many scholarships as possible for Palestinian youth to take part in this invaluable and educational project. Each scholarship costs €125.
  • For the DCI-P campaign ‘Know your rights’.

Volunteers in Belgium

  • administration / secretarial services
  • logistical support (campaigns, events): manning positions at world markets and festivals, making banners
  • information, raising awareness: speakers for information evenings at schools and lectures
  • fundraising
  • graphic design: designing flyers, badges, posters’
  • translations: NL,FR, EN

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