Fundamental and applied biomedical research

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The de Duve Institute is a research center with a broad international fame that contributes to the development of fundamental research in the cellular and moleculair biology area, in biochemistry, in genetics, in immunology and in virology.

What does the de Duve Institute?

Research at the de Duve Institute is covering many areas of basic biomedical research. The Institute is closely connected to the Brussels branch of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research which shares the same buildings and some common facilitites.

Researchs areas:

    • Biochemistry
    • Cancer Immunology
    • Cell Biology
    • Genetics & Development
    • Immunology, Cytokines & Hematology
    • Infections (Virology & Parasitology)
    • Signal Transduction

    Trainings and fellowships :

    Every year, 5 or 6 (post-) doctoral fellowships are allowed to young researchers recruited worldwide by the Institute on their excellence.

    How can you help?

    Financial support  for: 

    • post-doctoral fellowships: 30.000 € / year 
    • doctoral fellowships € 40,000 / year

    • the acquisition of expensive equipments.


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